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wow very interesting article alongside great visuals. thanks for such an informative read.


Prachtige foto's!!! Maar je zit daar toch in een onderwereldje foto's te maken die niet zonder risico gepubliceerd worden. Blijf voorzichtig.

joshi daniel

a dangerous job and some beautiful pics!


Every picture tells a story, and you do it in spades. Fantastic documentation here.


A very interesting account of the fireworks industry and its effect on people's health. You got some fine pictures despite the secretive nature of this business.


i felt sad and scared just by looking at these pics. how they were taken did not obliterate the fact how the government had failed in some aspects of its governance.

kevin anonymous

oh my...a single match and that guy lights up! lovely photos as usual :)


hazardous, risky, dangerous to health and his being!
worst, the effects are debilitating and loooooong term.


all that silvery-grey stuff doesn't look too healthy! another fascinating series of shots, sidney


This is a very dangerous job environment! If the workers don't get blown to bits by accidents, they die a slow death by inhaling, ingesting or absorbing through their skins dangerous chemicals.


looks like body paint. but scary because what if someone throws a lighted cigarette?!?!?


It seems to me a dirty and dangerous business

Rolf Kaul

It is a pleasure to see your reports to be perfect.


De belles photos documentaires! Je crains pour la santé de cet homme...


J'adore la coupe de cheveux du dernier portrait ! Bonne journée.


these are just exceptional portrait documentary shots sidney.


Great photos!
Is this healthy?
I guess not.

luna miranda

as long as there are corrupt government officials, the lives of workers in this industry will always be in jeopardy. i feel sad for the man in your photos.

fortuitous faery

he looks like a street performer the way he's covered in fireworks powder like that. i'm sure it's hazardous both to his health and personal safety.


*sigh* everything made in china, eh?

i used to hear about really bad accidents in these fireworks factories.. explosions and stuff..

very nice work sharing this and capturing this shot.. :)

Otto K.

excellent and informative set.

Traveler On Foot

Amazing shots Sidney!

First picture of skin smothered with gunpowder is a great photojourn subject.

Firecracker makers have risky lives.


It shows that sometimes, listening to people, acknowledging local customs and avoiding stupid ban makes sense.

Amazing pictures as usual!


Tes photos sont de plus en plus belles et tes reportages ne le sont pas moins intéressants.

SD (Aspherical)

Beautiful photos of a dangerous job. I especially like the last photo, where the chemicals are everywhere, including in his hair. I'm looking forward to more of this series and admire your courage to take on the task of photographing a semi-underground industry.

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